What Screen Time and Screen Media Do To Your Child’s Brain and Sensory Processing Ability

Q&A regarding screen time, vision and development. – Can looking at screens too much cause damage to kids’ eyes?             The short answer is, yes!  Because our visual system is biologically designed for distance vision, near vision is only a focusing reflex that helps us identify objects closely. Our eyes are not designed to interact with […]

Seattle Vision Training Conference

Last week I had the privilege of attending a continuing education conference exploring the applications of light in the therapy room at the Alderwood Vision Therapy Center. The weekend was led by Stefan Collier, world renowned lecturer on topics related to behavioral optometry and syntonic optometry.  Light therapy is a powerful tool in our toolbox to […]

Where it all began…

Dr. Harold Davis completed his doctor of optometry in 1945 at the Northern Illinois College of Optometry.  Prior to entering school, his father suggested two choices for a career path: podiatry or optometry.  Thankfully, my grandfather chose the latter and started three generations of professionals committed to excellence in eye care.  My grandfather still practices […]